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What is mission athletecare?




Mission athletecare is line of athlete-designed products, accessories and sportswear that are intended to facilitate performance of sportsmen during training sessions and competitions. Mission athletecare prides itself as the very first sports-only line that focuses on athletic products.


Mission athletecare was co-founded in 2009 by a group of master-class world athletes. Among them include the 15-time Grand Slam Tennis winner Serena Williams, 7-time MLB champion David wright and Dwayne Wade, one of NBA’s most famous players.


Since its launch, Mission athletecare has rapidly emerged as the leading innovation force in the sports world. This is evident from its intense innovation focus on sports products that are meant to help athletes to train and participate effectively in their competitions.  Additionally, Mission athletecare products enhance rehabilitation of athletes after competitions.


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All-new and unique technological concept!




What is the difference between Mission athletecare with other sport related wear?


Mission athletecare was developed with a clear mission; creating products that will help in solving all problems faced by athletes. To achieve this, Mission athletecare products have been developed with a science concept while putting real-life in mind.


For this reason, Mission athletecare adopted a technological concept called Enduracool technology; a technology that facilitates body cooling.




What is Enduracool technology and how does it work?




Enduracool technology is a scientific technology used by Mission athletecare to make its products. This is an ultra-cooling technology that makes Mission athletecare an ideal and perfect wear.




The Enduracool technology as used by Mission athletecare




 Enduracool technology is achieved by the use of special fabrics that absorb and retains human sweat.  In addition, it felicitates circulation of sweat molecules and as a result, enhancing body cooling without wetting the athlete’s body.




Step by step instructions that will facilitate the achievement of best results when using Mission athletecare products.




In order to achieve full cooling effect by the Enduracool technology, the following instructions must be followed keenly


  • Soak the fabric product in water or most probably sweat.
  • After soaking; the fabric should be wringed.
  •  Using your hands, grab both ends of the fabric product and pull apart. This will activate the Enduracool technology. Cooling takes about 1-2 minutes thereafter.






Now that you have known how the Enduracool technology works, let us investigate the benefits that Mission athletecare products come with




Are Mission athletecare products ideal for you?




Having used the Mission athletecare myself, I strongly advise every athlete should use products from Mission athletecare. The products will definitely enhance his or her performance both in training and during competitions.




What are the key benefits of Mission athletecare?




Mission athletecare products come with a number of benefits that cannot be gained anywhere. The key benefits include;


  •  With the unique Enduracool technology, Mission athletecare products enhance body cooling. When in action, the temperature instantly pulls back to 30° F which is way below the average body temperature.


  • The fabrics are chemical free and hence there are no body reactions or allergies


  • One of the most exciting features of Mission athletecare is that they have the ability of protecting the skin from extreme sun.


  • For any sportsman, sweat is a constant nuisance. Mission athletecare products remove sweat away from the body surface. In fact, the fabricators absorb sweat from the body


  • The Mission athletecare products are reusable, and machine washable and hence are very durable


  • For an athlete, moisture circulation is very important. With Enduracool technology, Mission athletecare products enhance moisture circulation for a healthier and good looking skin






Highlights of Mission athletecare


  •  Use of modern ultra-cooling technology, Enduracool, which maintains body temperature below 30
  • Reusable, machine washable and durable line of products
  • Protection from the sun’s ultra violet rays for athletes
  • Water absorbent materials that absorb sweat from an athlete’s body hence promoting moisture circulation
  • The fabrics products ensure circulation of water molecules while regulating evaporation hence enhancing the athlete’s performance
  •  Mission athletecare products promote instant cooling effect against the skin for hours without feeling wet.